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Would You Rock This Butt Handbag?

Body positivity: This butt bag is a perfect embodiment of how the natural woman looks as she ages. Does it look ugly to you? Would you rock it?

Body Positivity
Butt Bag by Fatih Senay

As girls and women, we carry handbags for many reasons. Unlike men who do so mostly on per-need basis, we do it for fashion, to carry our items, to prove class or just to make the other women jealous.

But nobody ever carries a handbag just to be made fun of. That’s what it appears this handbag will make of you, or maybe not!

How Did I Come Across The Butt Bag?

I first saw it on Instagram and was immediately taken in by it. It looked funny to other people and even I almost laughed. Someone on IG commented, “when you’re the butt of the jokes”.
But I also felt a different kind of way that I couldn’t quite describe at the time, until now.

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I found it empowering. Empowerment is the word. Empowered to love myself.

Now, how do I describe this handbag? It’s created with leather with a single cream-colored zip on the exterior. The dual handles were created from a different kind of leather.

It’s clear what’s unique and hilarious about it though. It’s shape and look. Created like a bum. A Bum bum. And I don’t mean fake asses with silicone or modified BBLs.

I mean a real bum bum. The butt of a real woman, unfiltered.

Considering how slightly conservative minded I can be and how I can link things up in my little head, the first thing that came to mind is the contemporary, conventional woman and the pressure to always keep herself beautiful for men.

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Of course, I know the term “looking beautiful for men” would be considered offensive by many women. We all claim to go extra to look beautiful because we want to, and not for anybody else. But let’s ask ourselves, imagine a world where we, as women, had been accepted exactly how we were created, made to feel beautiful precisely as we are by everyone around us (especially by men) at any stage of our lives (whether during aging or with our stretch marks after birth). Would we ever have felt the need to invent, use make-up or fake wigs? Would we have bothered about painful fashion?

Anyways, back to the topic. Does this bag look beautiful? I asked myself when I first saw it and even I wasn’t sure. I knew I felt empowered in some way, seeing it. But I also knew I couldn’t quite admit it to be beautiful.

Can’t We Find Anything Beautiful about The Butt bag?

It was at that moment that I realized I had just manifested the subtle effect of social engineering and brainwashing. The idea that this bag may be considered ugly despite that it depicts the true essence of a natural woman’s body as it undergoes natural hormonal changes and aging.

I felt sad. And angry with myself. Have I joined the band wagon too? Was I subconsciously considering this bag to be ugly? I have a large belly and very visibly dark stretch marks (I don’t even have kids yet) and my husband takes every opportunity to remind me of how more beautiful I’d look with a flatter stomach. All I have to do is attempt watching movies featuring “sexy-looking” women with him before I’m reminded of how attractive they look just by having flawless skin and flatter tummies.

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At some point, I had to consciously remind myself that regardless of anyone’s opinion, I’m as beautiful as I should be. I’ll look in the mirror and highlight unique features on my body and say, “Oh Mariam, you truly are unique”. You are good enough. Make sure you truly believe it.

All of that, just in a effort to maintain body positivity.

But not a lot of women or girls do that. The society has strongly engineered our minds to have a rigid perception of beauty. Women are constantly shamed for their seeming imperfection. We have allowed men who know little about our physiology and psychology determine how we should look.

The terrible part is women bashing other women for looking imperfect. I once saw a very plus sized woman seriously bashed for daring to wear a bikini. It’s either our stretched marks or cellulite. The flat chest or absent behinds. The large bellies or slack vaginas. I’m sure I’ve not exhausted that list.

The questions are, will we ever stand up for ourselves? Will we start to remind ourselves that we’re cute regardless of anyone’s opinion? When will we look in the mirror and mentally highlight our positive features and forget what society tells us are negative? Shouldn’t we teach our daughters to encourage body positivity even when they grow large bellies and wrinkled asses? Are we going to start teaching our sons to appreciate the mind of a woman ahead of her physical attributes?

Do we ever plan to dump the “body goals syndrome”?

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However, apparently, according to @leatherbox, Fatiha Senaa created this piece to mock how people carry their overweight (bellies and bottoms) with themselves like a bag. That explains why people found it funny and nasty. What a shame, I thought! Just when I thought it was created for a stronger purpose. Like being intended to pass a message to a generation that’s become so filtered, it has forgotten it’s true roots.

I ask you, again, for whatever purpose it was created, would you ever rock this bag?

If you ask me, I’d say, pretty fucking yes!

Kindly let me know if you would, in the comments section below. Love.

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