Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Buy Cheap Handbags.

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We all want to feel expensive. And socially acceptable. Besides, there’s a reason luxury handbags are expensive. They’re often highly durable and would last for so long until you’re tired of them.

But should we be ashamed to buy cheap handbags?

Expensive handbags are sometimes, often times in fact, a measure of class, according to societal dictation. We all know how your friends view you differently knowing you’re carrying the original version of a Balenciaga. It’s just true. I know. It’s all about status, status, status.

But come to think of it….should we really be focused on status?

Let’s take Kylie Jenner for example, she purchased two vintage Louis Vuitton belt handbags for $50,000. That’s roughly 25, 000 per piece. How sweet, right? But how did you know she bought it? Why do you know she bought it? You knew because she posted it on IG and got everybody talking about it, including me.

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Well, that’s the whole idea! Getting people to talk or create impressions about issues that truly have no substance.

Should you or I really care or know that Kylie Jenner bought an expensive handbag?

Why should that really matter to anyone? Why can’t she buy her bag, go home and spend some of that Instagram posting time with her family without us knowing about it?

My point is, don’t let social status fool you. The truly happiest people (not people who want to give impressions on social media that they are) don’t live online. They don’t have the most friends on social media. Their family and friends are around them at school and at work and they go out more or relate with people that love them. They don’t have 3000 friends on social media and none in person.

So ask yourself, what does Kylie’s $25, 000 handbag do that your $50 hand piece doesn’t?

Let’s see;

$25k handbag;

  1. Protects and carries stuffs
  2. Would likely last very long
  3. Gives the desired expensive
  4. Would often be very stylish

Your $50 handbag

  1. Would protect and carry all your stuffs
  2. You’d look stylish (Know this; the stylishness of a bag is not dependent on how expensive it is, but it’s design)
  3. Would last not forever, but would as long as you need it to.

Technically, most women,( and I assume including you), get bored of the same handbags over a period of time because we all like to switch things up. Even Kylie does, I’m sure. If that’s true, Is it really worth it to spend so much on handbags even if you can actually afford it?

Ask yourself….Would you rather buy expensive bags that you’ll eventually get tired of and are probably out of your reach? E.g…

Damier Azur Canvas Handbags Business Bags Lymington | Louis Vuitton ®
Louis Vuitton Damien Azure Lymington

Or buy cheaper handbags that still make you look stylish and you can spend the rest on things that truly matter in your life?

I’m faux Croc and I’ll Serve You flawlessly.

Lemme know what you think in the comments section below.

See you next time.

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