Hello, gurls (okay, you guys are welcome too ). This is my very first post and I’m so excited almost to the point of anxiety. Because style is something that really grips my attention, I thought I should definitely should talk about it first. So today, I’m all about 5 PRACTICAL STEPS TO FINDING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE IN 2019.

My goal here, really, is to give you all the juice on creating your own style and just riding along with it. So, grab a cup of cold ice cream cos this is going to be spicy hot.




Sometimes, even though we don’t realise it, we generally actually belong to one type of fashion niche. Yes, that’s true. When you go shopping and you’re looking at a dress stand, certain types of apparel and dressing combos stand out to you.

However, these styles don’t necessarily appeal to your friend whom you’re probably shopping with. That’s the first indication of your own personal style. Something you’ll always go with 80 out of 100 times.

But we also sometimes feel the need to change styles. We want to get outside of that box and this can be really hard. While I agree that sometimes its great to step outside of the box, mostly I feel like it’s a little bit forced and you’re trying to be something you’re not.

Like if you would just kind of embrace what you truly love, your style would just be so much better.

Whether your style is neutral, hobo, gothic, bright fun, flowery, etc, stick to a style that never makes you doubt whether you look good when you’re done dressing up. If you doubt it, you’re not there yet.

I encourage you to try looking up Pinterest  if you’re not familiar with what you truly like and what you find yourself gravitating towards and search different styles.  

Start pinning exactly the styles that you just love and you believe would make you really really happy in your life like, oh if I could have anything, that’s what it would be. For the love of handbags, check these out.

Be totally free with it and run with it. Once you’ve kind of nailed down a style then that’s the style that I want you to focus on when you’re out shopping.

Gravitate toward your perceived and slowly start experimenting. Hopefully in the end you’ll start to realize exactly what you really like and what you might not like.

Not only will this help you save money but you’ll start to only purchase and buy things for your wardrobe that you truly love.




Before you get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t have a combination of both or that one is better. You, very much can. However, understanding your real preference can help you make a better decision about your style.

And in truth, most of us often prefer one to the other, we just often don’t realise/admit it.

E.g there are some people out there that find an item that they just absolutely love. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes.  They put it on and it’s just so uncomfortable but they love it. It’s in style so they don’t care; they can and will rock it.  They might be in pain all day but they don’t care.

On the opposite spectrum, there are people out there that don’t care how amazing something is or how wonderful it looks on them, if it’s uncomfortable they’re not wearing it.

Hence I think it’s really important to figure out exactly what type of person you are at the core so that you avoid buying things that you just won’t wear.

 I used to be that chic who would really love a pair of shoes and I’m like, I’m gonna wear these, I don’t care that they make my feet hurt until I honestly just figured myself out that I’d actually choose comfort over anything no matter how pretty.

And it took me so many years to realize that but now I know, it’s helped me save money by not buying things I won’t wear.

TIP 3…



Usually we mostly fall into one of these three categories. The people that just love rainbow-like, bright colours. They just want to have so many different colors in their wardrobe.

Then there’s some of us that just absolutely love neutrals. We love our blacks, whites, creams, beiges, nudes etc.

There’s the other people that are just a mix of everything, like, they just love the colors but they also love neutrals.  

I think most people believe they fall in the third category because again they really like to be diverse, they just want to go to their closet and be able to pick out any outfit for any occasion and have something that fits every single possible slot but in reality I do think people fall more in the first or second category.

I, for instance, if you walk into my closet even today,  you could see a rainbow of colors but that’s because like growing up if I saw a shirt I really liked in purple,  I’d be like “oh, I don’t have anything in that shade of purple so I better get it in that color.

So with every single possible selection so that I always had something that would match something perfectly when in reality I just don’t like lots of color.

That doesn’t really happen anymore as I now only settle for colours I like and fit my skin tone. So, don’t force yourself into buying this bright yellow shirt because just because you don’t have a bright yellow shirt. Buy it because you like it, it fits your skin tone and you’ll choose it over everything else.

Don’t waste money buying things you really don’t need. If you are dark skinned, doing dark colours may not be in your interest and vice versa.




Now, this is a step that you can totally choose to ignore or something you can definitely think about.

To be totally honest, this is a portion that I honestly don’t pay so much attention to. However,  I think it’s really important to some of us  out there so, here we go.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this but people do have specific body shapes and honestly, I could probably write a full blown article on this and based on certain body shapes there are clothes out there that really make you look better depending on what your bodyshape is.

There are body shapes such as the pear, apple, the rectangle, the inverted triangle and a whole lot of other  different body shapes out there and then based on the clothing choices  you make you can really flatter or unflatter your body and girl, this can be your undoing.

A good source of inspiration for clothing ideas for body shapes besides this blog, of course, is Pinterest.  I, for instance, would say I’m a bit much on top but don’t have much going on on the bottom so I guess I’m apple.

Now there are people out there that really want to accentuate their butts, like they want it to look good and kind of flattered whereas there’s other people that just want to totally hide it.

So, really, it’s not just about knowing your body shape, it’s also about knowing what you plan to do with it.

Do you want to hide it or flaunt it? Let that answer help you determine your style. And like I always say, stick with what makes you comfy. If you want to hide your butt, for instance, hide it.

Don’t accentuate it and then later feel shy or embarrassed in public. Also, if you want to hide your long legs, don’t waste money buying stuffs that simply make them more obvious.


Even though style is a representation of your unique self, you also want to take into consideration your own goal and the lifestyle you live.

So what are your hobbies?  What is your job? Try configuring clothing that fits that lifestyle because your perfect wardrobe should not just be tailored by your creativity but also adjusted for the lifestyles that you carry.

Hence, try considering the persona you want to reflect upon the world.  While yes, your style should be a reflection of your personality, it also has to make sense in the fields that you’re working in e.g if you’re an attorney you’re not going to be dressing like a hipster, right?

And that’s it, girls. See you next time cos I can’t wait to share with you more style tips. Just can’t . Please feel free to ask me anything at all, it’s all I’ll ever ask. We also accept contributions so feel free to send in your article and you stand a chance of being featured on here.

Bella ciao.

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