Dear Millennial, You see it, You like it, You want it, Can’t get it?

​​Luxury designers didn’t have poor consumers in mind. So, what can you do?

It’s 2019, a year in the century when the economy is getting tougher, crazier and unrelenting. Many times we like top designer merchandise. Not because they’re a proof of class or taste but because most designer items are built to last. 

Of course, we know buying luxury items feels somehow like being scammed, like, you’re sometimes asking yourself, is it really worth the cost?

But still, imagine purchasing furniture or a handbag that never goes out of trend, was built to last and actually makes your life easier.

Kinda worth it, right?  But you can’t afford it…

There’re currently so many outlets out there for you to borrow/buy many quality items affordably. Emerging companies now specialize in leasing out expensive items to people who need them at a fraction of the price.

Below are some of the companies you can benefit from.

Whether it’s clothes for an interview, a car to impress a girlfriend to luxury handbags and furniture for the home, there are now options for almost everything you need that you can’t afford.

So, sit tight and let’s get right into it.



If you need lovely furniture but can’t really afford a new one, don’t be shy to ask family and friends to see if they’re looking to get rid of any furniture. 

Check out FleaPortal​​ and for a list of different indoor and outdoor flea markets in the U.S. This is also a good list of the best flea markets​ in the US where you can find lovely items.

Goodwill and the Salvation Army are thrift shops that also offer furniture, too, but be sure to call in advance if you need larger items like beds and dressers.

You also want to ensure you do your own personal cleaning with disinfectants and soap, like, who wants to take it in bugs or pests into their home? 



Jaredd Craig- Unsplash​


Textbooks can cost as much as $200 for some science courses and that could mean going hungry ever month just to afford books, for med students, for example. 

Here’s the ultimate guide to scoring deals on textbooks​ to the rescue. Now you can swap used books at a fraction of the retail value and you can rent them too.





Our appearance sometimes means everything on some occasions so renting exotic ​clothes may not be enough. We need to look the boss chic​ but can’t afford the boss bag​. 

Have you thought of buying unbranded yet stylish and affordable bags?​​ You can still make a fantastic impression by being mysterious. Get a cool, classy looking handbag that no one knows who designed it. Mystery can actually be very sexy. 

Did you even know that some hotels let stayers rent​ luxury handbags on their visits? I bet you didn’t 😉



If you want bicycles but can’t afford the latest ones, bicycles come out every season, which means chances are you’ll see older models pop up on sites for a fraction of the cost during cold seasons e.g fall and winter. 

If you don’t like the types your local stores have to offer, try Craigslist​ or eBay​. It’s a great place to find people who want to dispose their still good bicycles for a fraction of the price.

Be sure to be smart when buying items such as these online. If an ad seems fishy or uses a stock photo, the bike was likely stolen. Think about commuting to work on your new ride and watch your savings grow even more. 

 Formal Outfits

To start with, no bridesmaid should pay full-price for a gown she’ll only wear once except she intends on marrying again ;).

What you can’t rent from sites like​ or​, check out consignment shops or thrifts stores for gently used formal wear.

Brides-to-be can check out the virtual racks on​ to score discount gowns and accessories that no one will ever imagine were used.

Guys might score a tux for a fancy cocktail dinner and still be able to afford tailoring with the cash they saved by buying used.

You can also re-sell the garments you only wear once-just be kind to them so you’ll get as much of their value back as possible. 


Wiktor Karkocha​


It’s no news that housing is now an extremely big deal. For millennials, in fact, studies have shown that we’re probably better off renting than buying homes. 

But if you insist on being a landlord, it might be a better idea to look for an older home rather than browsing new developments. Then use some your saved money to renovate properly. I’m sure you’ll still have something for keeps. 

According to​, existing homes are usually less expensive per square foot because of rising land costs, so your money will go farther.

There’s a massive back load of foreclosed properties on the market, which could be good news for buyers.

Realtors, homeowners and banks are probably more likely to be in the mood to lower their asking price if they’re desperate to get rid of a certain property. 



Tamara Bellis​


Are you in need of jewels for a special evening? Then do yourself a favour and consider this slightly less whimsical option: the pawn shop. I know what you’re thinking but you’d be surprised how good some of the finds are at pawnshops.

Here’s a list of the best pawn shops​ in the US.

The truth is that jewelry - especially diamonds -are only as good when they’re being worn. They actually have a low resale value. That’s great news for the clever consumer who hits up estate sales or other re-sellers to find new bling. 


Designer Clothes

Shanna Camilleri​If you’re a sharp millennial in this century and you’ve never hosted or swapped clothes with your friends, you are seriously dulling. 

Swaps are a great way to score designer gear you’d never be able to buy yourself. If you don’t like your girlfriend’s fashion style, then there are plenty of vintage or online swap sites like Bag, Borrow or Steal​. This can quench your thirst for styles. 

Scout shops first, either by checking out their reviews on Yelp (I read that some of yelps views are manipulated but well…) or stopping by in person. If they seem unclean or have a reputation for crappy clothing, move on. 



The single most important advice: Live within your means. Use what you have to buy what you can afford. Don’t skip your rent for luxury. It doesn’t kill and would save you a lot of trouble.


How to Repair Damaged Chanel Bag: Chanel handbag Restoration


Sometimes we have cherished but old or worn leather handbags that we just cannot throw away. Would you ditch your Chanel handbag because it got destroyed by bleach? I can bet the answer to that was yes, until you read this article.

So, here’s How to Repair Damaged Chanel Bag. Do your handbag restoration yourself using cheap materials.

By the way, this technique also applies to other handbags of the same material.

Feel free to fix any lovely handbag you own regardless of how much you got it. We believe, If you love it, fix it 🙂


Do ensure you always come around for DIY methods to fix your handbags. Whether plastic, leather, luxury or cheap or just simple bag maintenance, we’ve got you!

Lemme digress a bit. Babe, it’s 2019, so, learn how to Kon’Mari your personal style by checking this out. Don’t get left out. 😉


Now let’s get in to our How to Repair Damaged Chanel Bag DIY method.




Did you enjoy this video?

Pls comment below and let us know if you have smarter methods of fixing bag handles. Or check out these TDF armcandies. Bye loves.


Beyonce’s Beautiful. But So Is Her It bag.

The By Far Handbag That Made It To The NBA playoffs.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no missing the Beyoncé meme illustrating her response to the wife of The Warriors owner chatting with her husband. Twitter practically lost it with the Beyhives threatening the woman’s life. Is it time to cancel the beyhives?

Bu that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because of that silent but gorgeous hand piece that witnessed the whole show. If you ever wondered if that handbag had an opinion in the whole drama, pls raise your hand :). Ray Lowe of Who What Wear even suggested that Beyoncé’s It Bag Is More Viral Than Her New Meme

Getty Images

That simple yet classy mint green Ball bag sitting by Beyoncé’s was created by By Far who’s gathered a massive celebrity following in recent times. Selfridges says “the cult brand to be seen with among the fashion crowd, just scroll through the street style pictures at fashion week if you don’t believe us, By Far is everything right now. Riffing on old vintage bags with its croc-embossed boxy design, the Ball tote gets its name from the chunky resin sphere at the bottom of the wristlet strap, while it opens to a compact suede-lined interior.

So Why Do Celebs Love The Ball Bag?

The Ball Bag is not just a fashion statement. In the hustle and bustle of their extremely busy lives, the last thing they need is to be juggling about heavy bags containing items they probably don’t need. So, in order to stay clutter free and maintain style, there’s the ball bag to the rescue. Come to think of it, studies show that two thirds of the contents of a woman’s bag is not used during a 24 hour period.

So what’d you rather, carry large heavy bags or de-clutter?

The ball bag edition is no longer available on by Far’s website but luckily you can still get them from other sites. Scroll below to get a glimpse of the classy pieces.

Mini Sky Blue Croco Embossed Leather

Mini Zebra Print Pony Hair Leather
Tamara Toffee Leather

Let us know what you think. Are small bags for you or nah?

Body image Opinion

Would You Rock This Butt Handbag?

Body positivity: This butt bag is a perfect embodiment of how the natural woman looks as she ages. Does it look ugly to you? Would you rock it?

Body Positivity
Butt Bag by Fatih Senay

As girls and women, we carry handbags for many reasons. Unlike men who do so mostly on per-need basis, we do it for fashion, to carry our items, to prove class or just to make the other women jealous.

But nobody ever carries a handbag just to be made fun of. That’s what it appears this handbag will make of you, or maybe not!

How Did I Come Across The Butt Bag?

I first saw it on Instagram and was immediately taken in by it. It looked funny to other people and even I almost laughed. Someone on IG commented, “when you’re the butt of the jokes”.
But I also felt a different kind of way that I couldn’t quite describe at the time, until now.

Set Yourself free
Shop Me.

I found it empowering. Empowerment is the word. Empowered to love myself.

Now, how do I describe this handbag? It’s created with leather with a single cream-colored zip on the exterior. The dual handles were created from a different kind of leather.

It’s clear what’s unique and hilarious about it though. It’s shape and look. Created like a bum. A Bum bum. And I don’t mean fake asses with silicone or modified BBLs.

I mean a real bum bum. The butt of a real woman, unfiltered.

Considering how slightly conservative minded I can be and how I can link things up in my little head, the first thing that came to mind is the contemporary, conventional woman and the pressure to always keep herself beautiful for men.

Shop Me.

Of course, I know the term “looking beautiful for men” would be considered offensive by many women. We all claim to go extra to look beautiful because we want to, and not for anybody else. But let’s ask ourselves, imagine a world where we, as women, had been accepted exactly how we were created, made to feel beautiful precisely as we are by everyone around us (especially by men) at any stage of our lives (whether during aging or with our stretch marks after birth). Would we ever have felt the need to invent, use make-up or fake wigs? Would we have bothered about painful fashion?

Anyways, back to the topic. Does this bag look beautiful? I asked myself when I first saw it and even I wasn’t sure. I knew I felt empowered in some way, seeing it. But I also knew I couldn’t quite admit it to be beautiful.

Can’t We Find Anything Beautiful about The Butt bag?

It was at that moment that I realized I had just manifested the subtle effect of social engineering and brainwashing. The idea that this bag may be considered ugly despite that it depicts the true essence of a natural woman’s body as it undergoes natural hormonal changes and aging.

I felt sad. And angry with myself. Have I joined the band wagon too? Was I subconsciously considering this bag to be ugly? I have a large belly and very visibly dark stretch marks (I don’t even have kids yet) and my husband takes every opportunity to remind me of how more beautiful I’d look with a flatter stomach. All I have to do is attempt watching movies featuring “sexy-looking” women with him before I’m reminded of how attractive they look just by having flawless skin and flatter tummies.

Shop Me.

At some point, I had to consciously remind myself that regardless of anyone’s opinion, I’m as beautiful as I should be. I’ll look in the mirror and highlight unique features on my body and say, “Oh Mariam, you truly are unique”. You are good enough. Make sure you truly believe it.

All of that, just in a effort to maintain body positivity.

But not a lot of women or girls do that. The society has strongly engineered our minds to have a rigid perception of beauty. Women are constantly shamed for their seeming imperfection. We have allowed men who know little about our physiology and psychology determine how we should look.

The terrible part is women bashing other women for looking imperfect. I once saw a very plus sized woman seriously bashed for daring to wear a bikini. It’s either our stretched marks or cellulite. The flat chest or absent behinds. The large bellies or slack vaginas. I’m sure I’ve not exhausted that list.

The questions are, will we ever stand up for ourselves? Will we start to remind ourselves that we’re cute regardless of anyone’s opinion? When will we look in the mirror and mentally highlight our positive features and forget what society tells us are negative? Shouldn’t we teach our daughters to encourage body positivity even when they grow large bellies and wrinkled asses? Are we going to start teaching our sons to appreciate the mind of a woman ahead of her physical attributes?

Do we ever plan to dump the “body goals syndrome”?

Buy Me.

However, apparently, according to @leatherbox, Fatiha Senaa created this piece to mock how people carry their overweight (bellies and bottoms) with themselves like a bag. That explains why people found it funny and nasty. What a shame, I thought! Just when I thought it was created for a stronger purpose. Like being intended to pass a message to a generation that’s become so filtered, it has forgotten it’s true roots.

I ask you, again, for whatever purpose it was created, would you ever rock this bag?

If you ask me, I’d say, pretty fucking yes!

Kindly let me know if you would, in the comments section below. Love.

Luxury Merchandise Made in Italy Opinion

Dear Millennial, Your “Made in Italy” Handbag may be Made in China.

Well, probably except for the handles. Here’s Why You Should Care.

Luxury is great. Makes us girls happy sometimes, going Designer Discreet. Ariana Grande once said, “think retail therapy, my new addiction”. But if you love top luxury brands without cruelty, this is for you.

In The Beginning, of luxury goods creation…

The first major wave of Chinese immigrants arrived in the industrial sector around Prato, Italy in the 1990s. Nearly all of them came from Wenzhou, a port city south of Shanghai.

The Prato area was a hub for mills and workshops, some of which made clothes and leather goods for the top luxury brands. If you were willing to be paid off the books, and by the piece, Prato offered plenty of opportunities. Many Wenzhouans found jobs there.

Love Top Luxury Brands Without Cruelty

“The Italians, being canny, would subcontract out their work to the Chinese,” Don Giovanni Momigli, a priest whose parish, near Prato, included an early influx of Chinese, told me. “Then they were surprised when the Chinese began to do the work on their own.”

As appetite for top luxury goods progressed…

The Chinese firms gradually expanded their niche, making clothes for middle-tier brands, like Guess and American Eagle Outfitters. And in the past decade they have become manufacturers for Gucci, Prada, and other luxury fashion houses, which use often inexpensive Chinese-immigrant labor to create accessories and expensive handbags that bear the coveted “Made in Italy” label. Many of them were then sold to prosperous consumers in Europe and North America.

Chinatown, though, looked dishevelled. In the alleyways, many of the windows were covered with blankets.

The Neutro
Shop Me.

In addition, many top luxury brands opened large factories in China to create a massive churn out of luxury products made on the backs of really low wage workers who worked under poor conditions. It’s no surprise many of them make top designer brands list.

In rooms without heat, the newest and poorest arrivals, many of them undocumented, sat bent over sewing machines, tacking collars onto shirts or affixing brightly colored stripes to jogging pants.

Jessica Moloney, a London-born brand consultant and agent for importers, explained to me, “If you’ve got three to six months to wait and you need five hundred to a thousand pieces, you go to China. But if you have only two weeks and need a hundred pieces, you come to Prato.” She noted, “TJ Maxx is everywhere here. I don’t know anyone who isn’t working with them.”

Love Top Luxury Brands Without Cruelty
Chanel Boy bag

Italy’s luxury-fashion industry has long struggled to lower costs without compromising on quality. Largely because after manufacturing rather cheaply, a chunk of the money made is used to advertise back to attract you to buy their luxury. It’s all about your money.

In the seventies and eighties, the Pratan system of interconnected workshops ran smoothly, but in the nineties, as trade barriers fell around the world, fashion houses saw an opportunity too good to resist. Why not manufacture “Made in Italy” products in Eastern Europe and in China? They would still be designed in Milan or Florence, so the label wouldn’t be a complete lie. Reports of the practice leaked out, and the brands found themselves under pressure to market their products more honestly.

In 2010, Santo Versace — a politician, chairman of the Versace fashion house — championed a law that contained a very Italian compromise: if two of the steps in the manufacturing process took place in Italy, the item could bear the valuable label. But the famous fashion companies continued to look for ways to make the “Made in Italy” tag mean what it was supposed to mean without forgoing profits.

Brown leather Sling
Buy Me.

A friend once explained the economics of doing work for luxury-fashion brands. He was paid a set fee for an order, no matter how long it took to complete. He generally lost money on the first bags he finished, but his workers got much faster with repetition, and the later iterations were profitable. 

When he was fulfilling Gucci contracts, he said, the company paid him an average of nineteen euros an hour. He showed me a bag that featured the company’s insignia fabric, with its interlocking “G”s, and said, “This fabric would cost fifteen euros a metre. But they make millions and millions of metres, so they don’t pay fifteen. Maybe ten. The leather here costs maybe fifteen to twenty euros. It’s two euros for the zipper, plus the money they pay us — that’s the cost. And they put it on the market at between ten and fifteen times that cost.”

Technically, if you buy a luxury handbag at $2000, it’s original cost of production is $200 or even less. Most of the balance includes the company’s profit, money meant for creating runway shows and adverts to make you re-purchase.

The Boss Woman
Shop Me.

In 2014, an Italian artisan spoke to the investigative television journalist Sabrina Giannini. Gucci had given him a big contract, he said, but the pay was so low — twenty-four euros a bag — that he had subcontracted the work to a Chinese mill, where employees worked fourteen-hour days and were paid half what he made. When the bags made it to stores, they were priced at between eight hundred and two thousand dollars.

An inspector for Gucci told Giannini that he saw no reason to ask employees about their working conditions. (Gucci denounced the television report as “false” and “not evidence of our reality.” The company says that, in the past few years, it has increased scrutiny of its supply chain, including subcontractors, and has “blacklisted” around seventy manufacturers.)

Current trends in the luxury fashion industry…

Many Chinese mill owners in Italy have started hiring workers from countries including Syria, Pakistan, and Senegal. Once, in the Prato area, a small protest was held outside a local workshop. This workshop regularly received subcontracts from a nearby firm that produces metalwork for well-known fashion brands. The workshop’s Chinese proprietor had abruptly closed the operation, locked out his employees, who were mostly Senegalese, and stiffing them of their wages. They found him around the corner, in another mill that he owned, and he agreed to pay them if they met him back at the workshop. When they returned to the factory, he greeted them at the front door, and asked them to wait a minute for their money. He then walked out the back door and got into a waiting car.

Following this Keystone Cops farce, a national labor union encouraged the employees to stage several public protests. One of the employees who protested later told mentioned that he had been paid only twelve hundred euros a month, with no benefits, to work in a freezing-cold room. He remembered working on products for companies including Ferragamo, Prada, and Dior.

The crew chief, he said, “would scream at us to work faster, to get more pieces done.” (The employees were officially paid a higher salary, to comply with the law, but, according to a union representative, managers required them to withdraw their “extra” wages and give that money to the owner.)


If your luxury piece wasn’t made by an Italian, it’s not made in Italy. It was probably made by a low wage worker paid a tenth of what he should earn.

What Do You Think? Shouldn’t we ditch luxury brands associated with human cruelty?

Great innovations Opinion Unknown handbag makers

5 Extremely Unique Handbags That Are Multipurpose.

Peeps, how’ve y’all been? I’ve been chilling, dzipping and dzoing (in Wendy William’s voice). Before I digress, lemme ask you this. Can anything be as exciting as having a handbag/luggage bag that has other fantastic uses? Can you think of 5 Classy Multipurpose Women Handbags ? Well, y’all are about to be wowed.

Introducing our first unique multipurpose handbag….

  1. The Wake Up Boarding Time Tag by Ari Korolainen

Imagine being at the airport about to board in the next two hours. And you had a busy previously night so you’re practically all fagged out and asleep. All you need is this lovely clock purse that notifies people around you time for your flight.
The tag features a clock face with movable pointers, which you can set to show the boarding time of your flight. You put the tag around your neck and if you happen to fall asleep while waiting for your flight, someone can easily see the boarding time and the text “Please wake me up” on it. In this way the product reduces the risk of missing your flight.


The tag is made of recycled leather and recycled cardboard. It is available in several bright colors that are sure to attract the attention of other travelers. The product is also available with a pocket for a passport and boarding pass.


  1. Nice pouch for two flat phones, cards, your keys, passport.
  2. Time keeper, don’t miss your flight.

About the creator
Ari Korolainen is a brilliant Finnish architect and designer who was one of the first designers who used recycled materials in his designs. 1985 he started to make cases and stationery products of recycled cardboard. Today he also uses recycled leather commonly in his designs. Good design and environmentally friendly materials can be seen in his Private Case stationery collection. Now, 30 years later, Private Case is a large collection of stationery products and Korolainen is known as Mr Private Case. Furniture design is his another ambition.

90 Deg (RGB).jpg

2) The very next amazing creative handbag is called the Images of 90 Deg created by Jeff Ching-Wen Chang

Lemme paint you a scenario. You’re on a really long queue in a bank whose seats are all occupied (those of us from Nigeria know that hustle). You need to have seat cos you’ve been standing for hours, right?! But there’s none. Our nice little bag is to the rescue.

The situation of the need to rest happens when people feel their legs tired, all they like to do is to have a seat. Think of the easy transforming operation for use from bag to seat stage.

There is a simple way for users to do this, just turn the bag 90 degrees to become a seat. User-friendly operation is developed from the design of the structure of the holder. Lets users use easily without complex steps to make transformations between the bag and chair stage.

90 Deg_Using (RGB).jpg

90 Deg is a bag with 2 kinds of types, one as a bag for everyday use, another as a chair for temporary seat.

While walking for a long time and waiting in line tire people out, what they like to do is to have a seat. Simply turn 90 Deg 90 degrees to make a bag become a temporary seat for relaxing.


  1. Laptop bag, work bag.
  2. Temporary chair or seat.
  3. Denim, high street fashion bag that can be recreated to match your outfit..
90 Deg Walking.jpg

About the creator

Jeff Ching-Wen Chang is an award-winning and creative young designer, including Red Dot Award, A’ Design Award, and the project being featured on Behance. Starting his journey as a designer from Taiwan, he sees a positive future and life through design. His designs represent his own design philosophy, life experiences and observations. He hopes to create the future of design through his passion and practice. All images in this section are courtesy of Jeff Ching-Wen Chang.


3) The next innovative handpiece is what I call the “thriller”.

It’s the Comfort Bag as Coat Transforming Bag by Jingwen Zhang.

It’s an amazing piece that tripples as a comfort coat/bag. Like it’s just really amazing, the creator must have done a lot of work on this one.

The inspiration for the collection is focused on people’s mental health. With progressive economic progress, people are always busy with work

This piece provides the kind of purry comfort one might expect from a pet dog or cat. It gives a kind of coziness and warmth that’s second to none. Think of it like a best friend that also keeps your items safe.


Features and uses.
The Comfort is designed to appeal to people’s minds and take care of their physical and mental health. The collection pieces are mainly made of fabric and cotton as soft as our pillow and comfortable makes people feeling relax and being accompanied.

  1. Great as a comfort coat.
  2. A wonderful handbag. Your items are kept hidden in your bag as a form of disguise.
  3. A nice pillow.

About the creator

Jingwen Zhang is a designer believes that all designs should come from real life and is able to explore the small details that should stand ready to be the source of the inspirational elements of our design. With the recognizance of her true calling in accessory design, the goal of bringing in special, eye-catch design for accessories as the discipline combines fashion, function, and creativity. Designer’s project is focusing on the deep exploration of the soul’s needs for the human being, which is also an important expression of the author’s concern for people mental health in a positive way.


4) The Geta Inheritance Handbag also created by Jingwen Zhang.

Have you needed a hard surface to write on a piece of paper and wished your bag was hard enough to support? Well, you have a table and a handbag all in one with this piece.



The inspiration for the collection comes from Japanese geta. Geta were originally made as slippers/footwear and were made of one piece of solid wood forming the sole and two wooden blocks underneath. These blocks may have a metal plate on the section that touches the ground in order to lengthen the life span of the geta. A V-shaped thong of cloth forms the upper part of the sandal. The culture lasts for centuries even with the country’s development as the Japanese lives the geta culture as their believing of life. The collection represents the keeping in the indigenous culture and a country’s beliefs.

wood collection.jpg


  1. A handbag (one that reminds of the Japanese culture)
  2. Your mini-table with you desperately need a hard surface. 🙂
  3. It gives this aesthetic feel of carrying an irregular, uncommon piece.

5) Our winning piece is a luggage bag by Rohan Siebel. The Floh Travel Luggage

Think scooter + luggage bag + daily messenger bag and you have the amazing innovation. if you get this for a friend, they gonna love you forever.

Floh is a travel luggage system that you can either ride as a scooter, roll as a trolley bag or wear as a backpack or shoulder bag. The heart of the system is the Drive Module, a 3 wheeled scooter that utilizes Ackerman type steering which allows you to navigate around obstacles at both low and high speeds.

The Floh system comes with two different bags where either can be attached to the Drive Module. The larger bag is a hard shell case with concealed backpack straps perfect for those 2-3 day trips. The smaller bag is a messenger type bag designed for day to day use.


  1. A classic luggage bag
  2. A fantastic transport system that makes 3)
  3. It’s great for daily movement with the messenger bag to school, work, etc.

About Rohan Siebel

Strontium, a studio set up by Rohan Siebel, is a one stop shop for product solutions. They offer services such as Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Graphic Design, Prototyping, & Mass-Production. Being based in Shenzhen, the advantage Strontium have is their close relationship with the factories and their understanding of most manufacturing processes, so there is little time wasted creating designs that are impossible or unnecessarily difficult to be made.

We have come to the end of this lovely write. Kindly let us know your winner out of them all in the comments section below.

Great innovations Underdog Creators Unknown handbag makers

One Groundbreaking Innovator In the Handbag Industry You’ve Never Heard Of.

Groundbreaking Handbag Innovators. The Unknown Geniuses.You Sew’s Le Morne Lunch Box Crossbody Handbag is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 – 2019 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award. Talk about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This guy takes fashion to a whole new level.

Think noodles cup + Work handbag + Stylish Armcandy + Beach bag and you have this lovely, ingenious creation.

Le Morne Lunch Box Crossbody Handbag

Takeout has a whole new meaning once you set eyes on the Le Morne Lunch Box. It is the playful bag you never knew you wanted. Inspired by the ladies who brunch in New York City, Le Morne is the bag you want to have on you when going to the beach or Central Park. Carry the bag by the handle or wear it cross body for hands-free exploring, concrete jungle style.DESIGN DETAILS

Why Should You Love The Le Morne Lunch Box Handbag?

Jeffrey Wan You Sew Le Morne Lunch Box
  1. It’s colorful in a mature yet high street fashion way.
  2. There’s no one like it. Like, tell me one handbag that looks like this. Ever.
  3. It’s suitable for work, party, school, hiking or just outdoor events. (if you’re not carrying so much)
  4. It’s freaking triple carriage. Crossbody, half crossbody or just by the arm. You’re good to go.
  5. It’s crossbody handle is detachable.
  6. You’ll simply stand out.

Jeffrey Wan You Sew Crossbody Handbag

Let’s give you a background on the handsome creator.

His name is Jeff Wan. He’s a fashion designer and creative director based in New York. Hailing from the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius, Jeff uses his design to creatively bridge the gap between his native and adopted homes.

While studying Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, Jeff began his career with work for Diesel, DKNY, Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors. After his graduation in 2014, Jeff joined Coach, where he developed watchbands for the Apple Watch, and helped transform accessory lines like Rexy the Coach Dino into must-have bag charms.

You can follow him here at @jeffwanofficial on Facebook, Twitter and IG.

Jeffrey Wan You Sew design
Jeffrey Wan You Sew design

Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Buy Cheap Handbags.

Image result for getty images kylie jenner handbags

We all want to feel expensive. And socially acceptable. Besides, there’s a reason luxury handbags are expensive. They’re often highly durable and would last for so long until you’re tired of them.

But should we be ashamed to buy cheap handbags?

Expensive handbags are sometimes, often times in fact, a measure of class, according to societal dictation. We all know how your friends view you differently knowing you’re carrying the original version of a Balenciaga. It’s just true. I know. It’s all about status, status, status.

But come to think of it….should we really be focused on status?

Let’s take Kylie Jenner for example, she purchased two vintage Louis Vuitton belt handbags for $50,000. That’s roughly 25, 000 per piece. How sweet, right? But how did you know she bought it? Why do you know she bought it? You knew because she posted it on IG and got everybody talking about it, including me.

Image result for kylie jenner buys $50,000 handbags

Well, that’s the whole idea! Getting people to talk or create impressions about issues that truly have no substance.

Should you or I really care or know that Kylie Jenner bought an expensive handbag?

Why should that really matter to anyone? Why can’t she buy her bag, go home and spend some of that Instagram posting time with her family without us knowing about it?

My point is, don’t let social status fool you. The truly happiest people (not people who want to give impressions on social media that they are) don’t live online. They don’t have the most friends on social media. Their family and friends are around them at school and at work and they go out more or relate with people that love them. They don’t have 3000 friends on social media and none in person.

So ask yourself, what does Kylie’s $25, 000 handbag do that your $50 hand piece doesn’t?

Let’s see;

$25k handbag;

  1. Protects and carries stuffs
  2. Would likely last very long
  3. Gives the desired expensive
  4. Would often be very stylish

Your $50 handbag

  1. Would protect and carry all your stuffs
  2. You’d look stylish (Know this; the stylishness of a bag is not dependent on how expensive it is, but it’s design)
  3. Would last not forever, but would as long as you need it to.

Technically, most women,( and I assume including you), get bored of the same handbags over a period of time because we all like to switch things up. Even Kylie does, I’m sure. If that’s true, Is it really worth it to spend so much on handbags even if you can actually afford it?

Ask yourself….Would you rather buy expensive bags that you’ll eventually get tired of and are probably out of your reach? E.g…

Damier Azur Canvas Handbags Business Bags Lymington | Louis Vuitton ®
Louis Vuitton Damien Azure Lymington

Or buy cheaper handbags that still make you look stylish and you can spend the rest on things that truly matter in your life?

I’m faux Croc and I’ll Serve You flawlessly.

Lemme know what you think in the comments section below.

See you next time.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton And Its Madt Innovation. The Flexible Screen Handbag That We Can’t Afford.

You feeling this yet?! It’s the Louis Vuitton Flexible Screen handbag, biatches!

Flexible screens are so in vogue right now. From Samsung to OLED products, they’re practically the “in-thing” but whoever though handbag makers would join the madness? No one other than Louis Vuitton has got the guts.

The leading handbag maker displayed a set of handbags on it’s runway today. Named Canvas of the Future, #LouisVuitton premiered prototypes of a new cutting-edge bag design that features built-in flexible displays, which Louis Vuitton tells Engadget are AMOLED and have a 1,920 x 1,440 resolution.

Two handbag prototypes were debuted during the LV’s Cruise 2020 runway show in New York City during the week: One with a single screen and another with two, and both displayed videos of random city views and what appeared to be a demo of an internet browser.

Find Out About Me.

According to Engadget, Louis Vuitton explained that these are “the basis for reconsidering the digital Canvas of the Future,” adding that it is “always in search of the fusion of savoir-faire and innovation.” The company didn’t say if it made the screens in-house or if they were outsourced, and there’s no word on whether these high fashion-meets-emerging tech handbags will ever make it past their prototype stage. If they do, however, don’t expect them to be cheap — just remember that Louis Vuitton has wireless earbuds that cost nearly $1,000. Imagine how much these handbags would cost.

They’re definitely not for me, but likely chances are people are willing to pay to see how far this company is willing to go with it’s madt creativity. Whoever thought we’d see the time that a handbag would be an extension of the smartfone?


7 Best and Cheap 2019 Leather Handbags.

Pay Less For Way More

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Cheap yet Quality Handbags?

Welcome back, ladies. I’m writing from Saudi Arabia today and the really dry desert is raising some hellish sandstorms. Alright, before I digress, a reader asked me to write about 7 best and cheap 2019 leather handbags from 20$ and above and I thought, why not?! So, here we go…

Personally, I’m not a fan of high end fashion handbags for any reason at all. They’re often too expensive, sometimes tacky and go out of trend quickly.

Also, maybe because I’ve seen really cheap bags do really amazing things for me and I kinda prefer my money in my bag rather than on my bag, if you know what I mean.

Let’s get right to it. I hope the bags I’ll be talking about will be helpful to you. Most of these bags are trendy yet go with every single season, like; they just never go out of fashion, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

You’ll find them all here and I’d just encourage you to look cos there’s an amazing collection of handbags, clutches, evening bags and totes that would absolutely blow your mind.

And most of the bags on the site are not knockoffs which means you don’t run the risk of carrying obviously fake handbags (Not that fake handbags are bad. I, most times prefer them to the real deal).

The Retro Wax Tote

If you’re looking for a supreme tan shoulder bag, well, this isn’t it. But this is way better. This lovely damsel has served me so much in ways that other bags haven’t. It’s a Retro Wax Tote which means it’s so suitable as a stylish messenger bag, excellent when you don’t want to carry a big bag but you still want to go to work, etc. Its leather is warm and rich and gives that expensive look. It’s not too heavy and can easily be slung over the shoulder and you’re good to go. It’s great and would go with most colours…except maybe red. It also comes in black color. Want to look expensive without breaking the bank, try this handbag. Great price, satisfactory buy.

Look after me

This piece is low maintenance. Leather handbags can easily smell when you leave them wet for a long time. Always keep dry and to clean, a damp wipe and some good air- drying will be fine.

If you want to make a little extra statement, spray in a little of your favourite perfume to leave you feeling confident all day long.


Gotta tell you this, girls, I and this bag have a small history. So this day, my boss was to attend a meeting with her bosses at the city town hall and it was like that really top notch meeting where they all had to look best and all. Surprisingly, my boss announced at the office that she forgot her handbag in her car and her driver had taken the car away to the car wash. Dang! She needed a handbag for her meeting and guess what! Out of all the bags she had as options (I mean bags that belonged to other girls), she chose this green sleek mini handbag that I happened to rock on that day. She simply detached the long arm and off she went. I was so excited and it just made me loooove the bag more.

It comes in only one colour, green and would definitely be selective with colours but hey, if you know the right combo, you can nail this!

Look after me

Very easy to maintain, always ensure it’s dry, alternate between the chain and the long strap when carrying in order to not exert too much pressure on one handle. A wet wipe down in and out and occasional air-drying and you’re covered.

Fur Ball Bag

You know that moment when you’re late for work and you don’t have the time to select bags to match your outfits because hey, you gotta punch in on time at work….well, I kid you not, if you ever find yourself in that situation, this is your recommended go-to bag. It would serve you better than a coach lily shoulder bag, all day, all time.

There’s almost no outfit colour that this bag will not match, like, just pick and you’re good to go. Its high capacity and you’ll still be able to exude class without breaking the bank so you don’t have to worry about making poor handbag decisions.

Carry it crossbody or just by the brown handles, no problem. It comes in grey and black, light and dark and pink and light red colours.


It’s soft and may easily tear. I’d avoid it if you need a more durable bag for everyday purpose.

Look after me

Very easy to maintain, always ensure it’s dry, alternate between the brown handle and the long strap when carrying. A wet wipe down in and out and occasional air-drying and you’re covered.

Crossbody Dual Tone Tote

This is another women bucket bag after my heart. I often rock this bag, crossbody, to work and on a no-work day, with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It’s my champion bag.

One amazing fact about it is its finishing. It’s so perfect and flawless that on a shelf of 10 handbags, you’ll easily single it out. It’s also high capacity, cost- effective, rich in appearance and will match most of your outfits. It’s completely timeless.

Look after me

Absolutely easy to maintain and clean, wipe down with a damp clean fabric and you’re good to go.


This lovely brown oil wax tote crossbody shoulder bag be giving you the confidence to express your individuality, this design interprets major trends, adding a unique feel to your already wonderful personality.

All the denim, dresses, jackets and pieces you need will perfectly fit this bag; you just have to imagine it. Helps you to reinvent a style that’s all yours and feel extremely confident with it. 

And you can rock it anyway you like, by the handle or the strap. Then switch it up again tomorrow, making every day, night and everything in-between as extraordinary as you are. Your life is eclectic and unexpected and, now, so is your wardrobe.

Look after me.

Very easy to maintain, all you need is a damp fabric and wipe down.

Vintage Charm

Can you think of two occasions where this handbag will not be a total excellent choice? I’m waiting….Ok! Yes! I can…probably an evening dinner or something but that’s all about it. This bag has been practically been my best bag buy.

It’s perfect for work, after work and even partying if you don’t want to carry so much.  E.g it will definitely carry your bamboo tooth brush, one set of outfit, some underwear, toothpaste, hairbrush, body roll-on and an iphone. Perfect, isn’t it! Available in several colors.

Look after me.

As always, this bag is easy to clean without any stress. A dip of cloth in water will do the job. Also ensure you don’t keep it confined at any time. Always air.

Oil Wax Bucket Tote

This bucket bag should be on the handbag trends 2019 list, I assure you. It has a softly structured shape and satisfactorily large enough compartments to store your valuables, inspired by an archival design.

The indented base gives it a slightly vintage look and the bag in itself is enhanced by the detachable shoulder strap. Made in oil wax leather and comes in burgundy, brown, black and red.

Look after me

This bag is pretty easy to clean without any stress, just wipe down with a clean, damp cloth and it’s all good.

Miss Chequers

If you’re looking for something really chic but toned down, won’t draw attention for a casual outing, you can’t be wrong with this piece. It’s made with chequered fabric and let’s be honest, we all know that small is the new sexy. I call it the Tesla of small handbags.

It’s front, handle and compartment details are really cool. Portrayed in two different colours, it’s got a lovely small handle and a longer one that makes it easy to carry crossbody. The purse generally helps you blend in and can carry most of your valuables for a casual outing.

Look after me

Just give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth to clean

For all-day-everyday ease

The Flower Box

Please take a look at this flower piece and tell me what you don’t love about it. Connect with your inner mermaid with this Pocket-friendly Summer Flower Boxbag and its pearly adornments. Perfect for your fancy outings, this ornate piece is the right one for the lady whose wish is to not only carry a purse, but keep her necessaries in a stylish compartment. Shop now!

The strap is adjustable, very solidly made with flowery and pearl details. You can, rest assured, carry a number of your basic needs such as phone, earpieces, lipstick, a small journal, small mirror and a few other items.


Just give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

For all-day-everyday ease.



Hello, gurls (okay, you guys are welcome too ). This is my very first post and I’m so excited almost to the point of anxiety. Because style is something that really grips my attention, I thought I should definitely should talk about it first. So today, I’m all about 5 PRACTICAL STEPS TO FINDING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE IN 2019.

My goal here, really, is to give you all the juice on creating your own style and just riding along with it. So, grab a cup of cold ice cream cos this is going to be spicy hot.




Sometimes, even though we don’t realise it, we generally actually belong to one type of fashion niche. Yes, that’s true. When you go shopping and you’re looking at a dress stand, certain types of apparel and dressing combos stand out to you.

However, these styles don’t necessarily appeal to your friend whom you’re probably shopping with. That’s the first indication of your own personal style. Something you’ll always go with 80 out of 100 times.

But we also sometimes feel the need to change styles. We want to get outside of that box and this can be really hard. While I agree that sometimes its great to step outside of the box, mostly I feel like it’s a little bit forced and you’re trying to be something you’re not.

Like if you would just kind of embrace what you truly love, your style would just be so much better.

Whether your style is neutral, hobo, gothic, bright fun, flowery, etc, stick to a style that never makes you doubt whether you look good when you’re done dressing up. If you doubt it, you’re not there yet.

I encourage you to try looking up Pinterest  if you’re not familiar with what you truly like and what you find yourself gravitating towards and search different styles.  

Start pinning exactly the styles that you just love and you believe would make you really really happy in your life like, oh if I could have anything, that’s what it would be. For the love of handbags, check these out.

Be totally free with it and run with it. Once you’ve kind of nailed down a style then that’s the style that I want you to focus on when you’re out shopping.

Gravitate toward your perceived and slowly start experimenting. Hopefully in the end you’ll start to realize exactly what you really like and what you might not like.

Not only will this help you save money but you’ll start to only purchase and buy things for your wardrobe that you truly love.




Before you get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t have a combination of both or that one is better. You, very much can. However, understanding your real preference can help you make a better decision about your style.

And in truth, most of us often prefer one to the other, we just often don’t realise/admit it.

E.g there are some people out there that find an item that they just absolutely love. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes.  They put it on and it’s just so uncomfortable but they love it. It’s in style so they don’t care; they can and will rock it.  They might be in pain all day but they don’t care.

On the opposite spectrum, there are people out there that don’t care how amazing something is or how wonderful it looks on them, if it’s uncomfortable they’re not wearing it.

Hence I think it’s really important to figure out exactly what type of person you are at the core so that you avoid buying things that you just won’t wear.

 I used to be that chic who would really love a pair of shoes and I’m like, I’m gonna wear these, I don’t care that they make my feet hurt until I honestly just figured myself out that I’d actually choose comfort over anything no matter how pretty.

And it took me so many years to realize that but now I know, it’s helped me save money by not buying things I won’t wear.

TIP 3…



Usually we mostly fall into one of these three categories. The people that just love rainbow-like, bright colours. They just want to have so many different colors in their wardrobe.

Then there’s some of us that just absolutely love neutrals. We love our blacks, whites, creams, beiges, nudes etc.

There’s the other people that are just a mix of everything, like, they just love the colors but they also love neutrals.  

I think most people believe they fall in the third category because again they really like to be diverse, they just want to go to their closet and be able to pick out any outfit for any occasion and have something that fits every single possible slot but in reality I do think people fall more in the first or second category.

I, for instance, if you walk into my closet even today,  you could see a rainbow of colors but that’s because like growing up if I saw a shirt I really liked in purple,  I’d be like “oh, I don’t have anything in that shade of purple so I better get it in that color.

So with every single possible selection so that I always had something that would match something perfectly when in reality I just don’t like lots of color.

That doesn’t really happen anymore as I now only settle for colours I like and fit my skin tone. So, don’t force yourself into buying this bright yellow shirt because just because you don’t have a bright yellow shirt. Buy it because you like it, it fits your skin tone and you’ll choose it over everything else.

Don’t waste money buying things you really don’t need. If you are dark skinned, doing dark colours may not be in your interest and vice versa.




Now, this is a step that you can totally choose to ignore or something you can definitely think about.

To be totally honest, this is a portion that I honestly don’t pay so much attention to. However,  I think it’s really important to some of us  out there so, here we go.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this but people do have specific body shapes and honestly, I could probably write a full blown article on this and based on certain body shapes there are clothes out there that really make you look better depending on what your bodyshape is.

There are body shapes such as the pear, apple, the rectangle, the inverted triangle and a whole lot of other  different body shapes out there and then based on the clothing choices  you make you can really flatter or unflatter your body and girl, this can be your undoing.

A good source of inspiration for clothing ideas for body shapes besides this blog, of course, is Pinterest.  I, for instance, would say I’m a bit much on top but don’t have much going on on the bottom so I guess I’m apple.

Now there are people out there that really want to accentuate their butts, like they want it to look good and kind of flattered whereas there’s other people that just want to totally hide it.

So, really, it’s not just about knowing your body shape, it’s also about knowing what you plan to do with it.

Do you want to hide it or flaunt it? Let that answer help you determine your style. And like I always say, stick with what makes you comfy. If you want to hide your butt, for instance, hide it.

Don’t accentuate it and then later feel shy or embarrassed in public. Also, if you want to hide your long legs, don’t waste money buying stuffs that simply make them more obvious.


Even though style is a representation of your unique self, you also want to take into consideration your own goal and the lifestyle you live.

So what are your hobbies?  What is your job? Try configuring clothing that fits that lifestyle because your perfect wardrobe should not just be tailored by your creativity but also adjusted for the lifestyles that you carry.

Hence, try considering the persona you want to reflect upon the world.  While yes, your style should be a reflection of your personality, it also has to make sense in the fields that you’re working in e.g if you’re an attorney you’re not going to be dressing like a hipster, right?

And that’s it, girls. See you next time cos I can’t wait to share with you more style tips. Just can’t . Please feel free to ask me anything at all, it’s all I’ll ever ask. We also accept contributions so feel free to send in your article and you stand a chance of being featured on here.

Bella ciao.