Beyonce’s Beautiful. But So Is Her It bag.

The By Far Handbag That Made It To The NBA playoffs.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no missing the Beyoncé meme illustrating her response to the wife of The Warriors owner chatting with her husband. Twitter practically lost it with the Beyhives threatening the woman’s life. Is it time to cancel the beyhives?

Bu that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because of that silent but gorgeous hand piece that witnessed the whole show. If you ever wondered if that handbag had an opinion in the whole drama, pls raise your hand :). Ray Lowe of Who What Wear even suggested that Beyoncé’s It Bag Is More Viral Than Her New Meme

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That simple yet classy mint green Ball bag sitting by Beyoncé’s was created by By Far who’s gathered a massive celebrity following in recent times. Selfridges says “the cult brand to be seen with among the fashion crowd, just scroll through the street style pictures at fashion week if you don’t believe us, By Far is everything right now. Riffing on old vintage bags with its croc-embossed boxy design, the Ball tote gets its name from the chunky resin sphere at the bottom of the wristlet strap, while it opens to a compact suede-lined interior.

So Why Do Celebs Love The Ball Bag?

The Ball Bag is not just a fashion statement. In the hustle and bustle of their extremely busy lives, the last thing they need is to be juggling about heavy bags containing items they probably don’t need. So, in order to stay clutter free and maintain style, there’s the ball bag to the rescue. Come to think of it, studies show that two thirds of the contents of a woman’s bag is not used during a 24 hour period.

So what’d you rather, carry large heavy bags or de-clutter?

The ball bag edition is no longer available on by Far’s website but luckily you can still get them from other sites. Scroll below to get a glimpse of the classy pieces.

Mini Sky Blue Croco Embossed Leather

Mini Zebra Print Pony Hair Leather
Tamara Toffee Leather

Let us know what you think. Are small bags for you or nah?

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